UK India Business Council believes in Narendra Modi:

Patricia Hewitt, head of the UK India Business Council which is supported by the British Government has voiced her enthusiasm for Mr. Modi and his government. Patricia Hewitt expressed in a recent interview the type of politician Narendra Modi is and how his government’s policies have setup India for a productive future. She also highlighted the fact that the UK is the principal investor in India among the G20 nations and does not appear to be backing off anytime soon.

Commented Patricia Hewitt in an interview with the Economic Times, “Narendra Modi is brilliant at campaigning in poetry, as one of the world's great political campaigners. But the government is both about the vision and strategy and about the execution, which is governing in prose.”

Her previous experience as a Minister in Tony Blair’s government adds to her credibility when it comes to speaking about the current Indian government and how it has introduced important changes at a realistic pace and is definitely heading in the right direction. She noted that many are saying the pace of change is too slow and acknowledged that Modi had made it clear after the election that people had to begin to understand how much had to be done.

She added, “As a former minister, what strikes me is how much has been done in the space of a short time, particularly in institution building. It's important for a new government to have a broad strategy, vision and initiatives. But if you haven't got the institutional capacity to deliver, then there is a disconnect.”

All the signs point to a continued positive relationship between India and the UK.