Gujarat is one of the most economically advanced and fastest growing states in India. The bilateral trade between India and the UK is pegged at £14 billion per annum and Gujarat gets the lion’s share of it - £4 billion pounds.

But the biggest reason for Gujarat's popularity is that unlike most of India it is a power-surplus state. Other than coal-based thermal power plants, the state leads the country in solar energy usage - recently The Asian Development Bank approved a $100m loan to Gujarat to build a 500 megawatt solar park.

Apart from energy, infrastructure in the state is also on the fast track. The state is the biggest benefactor in the proposed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor - nearly 40% of this corridor passes through Gujarat. In addition to that, Gujarat already has 41 ports that handle 80% of India's logistics traffic and 20% of its cargo.

Everything in Gujarat is geared towards one thing - and that's to attract more business.

BBG’s Gujarat chapter started in 2007 and is devoted to strengthening relations between the United Kingdom and India. As business people we know how challenging it can be to set up and run a business in other countries and have therefore made it our mission to facilitate networking between members to increase trade through business-to-business communication.

Mission Statement

The British Business Group of Gujarat promotes the development of business ties between UK and India. Its primary aim is to bridge the gap between companies through networking opportunities for its members and close cooperation with organisations like British Chamber of Commerce, British embassy and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

" I am determined to do everything I can to ensure that Britain succeeds in the global race and to link British business up to the world’s fastest growing economies. As India grows, it needs a partner that can support its ambition – in infrastructure, in energy, in healthcare and more. It wants its business to have unrivalled access to European and global markets and its students to get the best education in the world. Britain can do all these things and more. So, we have to get out there, make the case for Britain and open doors for British business. " David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

Why should you join?

To connect, learn and expand. These are the driving principles of the Gujarat chapter. You will meet interesting professionals from the business world, learn how to expand your business, develop ideas through conversations with members and understand news things about doing business in an ever changing world.

Through our extensive contacts of influential corporate and individual members we aim to provide a vast network of alliances, business development and intelligence services important for companies to capitalize these opportunities.

Our membership includes blue chip businesses and middle-market companies present in Gujarat, as well as Indian companies with interests in the UK. Individual business executives, consultants and SMEs are also members. Our offerings include social gatherings, workshops and events, targeted programs, marketing opportunities and business setup services.

BBG Gujarat aims to work closely with the British consulate, UKTI - a UK Government trade and investment office in Ahmedabad - and participate in events involving visiting UK delegations.

How do I start?

If you are an owner of a company, a consultant or an individual who wants to join BBG Gujarat and would like to find out more information, please click here.