Business in India is easy as INC-29

Effective May 1st 2015 India has taken another step in the right direction for setting up a business. Gone are the days of filling out 8 different forms to incorporate a new business in India. With the new form INC-29 it is possible to undertake the main stages requires to set up a business.

Towards the end of last year the World Bank issued its ‘Doing Business’ report which is where it assess countries across the world on a number of elements including how long it can take to register to set up a business. Last year’s rankings showed India had dropped a further two points from the previous year and was languishing at 142 out of 189.


UK India Business Council believes in Narendra Modi

Patricia Hewitt, head of the UK India Business Council which is supported by the British Government has voiced her enthusiasm for Mr. Modi and his government. Patricia Hewitt expressed in a recent interview the type of politician Narendra Modi is and how his government’s policies have setup India for a productive future. She also highlighted the fact that the UK is the principal investor in India among the G20 nations and does not appear to be backing off anytime soon.

Commented Patricia Hewitt in an interview with the Economic Times, “Narendra Modi is brilliant at campaigning in poetry, as one of the world's great political campaigners. But the government is both about the vision and strategy and about the execution, which is governing in prose.”


Ardent Narendra Modi supporter, Priti Patel appointed as Treasury Minister:

Ms. Priti Patel conservative MP from Witham and an ardent fan of Mr. Narendra Modi has been appointed as the Treasury Minister in the British Goverment. Patel is Cameron's "India Diaspora Champion" and accompanied him in his India trips, according to Asian Lite, a newspaper that targets Asian in the UK.

Patel was born in London,[3] England, shortly before Idi Amin announced the expulsion of Asians in August 1972 [4] and grew up in South Harrow and Ruislip. Her parents were Ugandan immigrants of Gujarati origin from Navsari, India ancestry who came to the UK after the expulsion of Indians from Uganda in the early 1970s. They ran a post office in rural Norfolk and then a successful small shop in south east England. Patel attended Watford Grammar School for Girls[7] in Watford, before studying economics at Keele University and then going on to the University of Essex. She joined the Conservative Party during the time John Major was Prime Minister.



The UK Government congratulates India’s Prime Minister-elect, Narendra Modi, and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on their election success.

Foreign Minister William Hague said:

" I congratulate Narendra Modi and the BJP on their success and look forward to forging an even closer partnership with India in the months ahead."

" With 815 million eligible voters, 915,000 polling stations, and nine days of voting over five weeks, India has seen the largest parliamentary election in the world."


Four reasons to believe that the British economy is on the road to recovery

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has recently published much awaited information on GDP growth, business investment, employment statistics and inflation rates; a review of this statistical information suggests that the British economy is on the road to recovery. While one has to bear in mind that these figures do not represent every section of the British economy, they do hold the key to lot of other sectors and government plans to revive them. The critics may argue that not all the measures announced by the government have worked, there is certainly a suggestion that they have created optimism in the business climate.


Britain sees fastest economic growth in six years

The year of 2013 has ended on a strong and positive note as the British economy grew at the strongest and fastest rate in last six years. A business survey conducted by KPMG/CBI shows that optimism of businesses in London for the next six months is at a three year high at 69% from 56% a quarter ago. The survey indicates that the optimism is driven by higher employment rates, rock bottom interest rates and falling inflation in last 4 years.

Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published data on employment which suggested a sharp fall in the unemployment rates at 7.1% from 7.4% three months ago had further fuelled optimism in the economic recovery. Capping of business rates at 2% has further boosted the confidence of businesses across the UK. Read More...