BBG Gujarat memberships are available at multiple levels and annual fees range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 each year.

As a corporate organization, membership will not only provide you access to networking but also help you understand how to develop new business opportunities. Individual members can enhance their professional status by participating in business events and learn from successful entrepreneurs. All members benefit from BBG Gujarat's membership of the parent organisation, British Business Group (BBG), a large association with various chapters across India, Azerbaijan, Greece, Libya, Macedonia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Vietnam.

BBG Gujarat’s membership categories are:

  • Corporate Member: Rs 5,000 (Five thousand only)
    • A corporate member is a person, who represents a company and serves BBG on behalf of his / her company.
  • Associate Member: Rs 2,500 (Two thousand five hundred only)
    • An associate is a person who does not represent a company and is an employee of a partnership firm, trust or is doing business as an AOP ( association of persons)
  • Individual member: Rs 1,000 (One thousand only)
    • An individual member is a person who does not represent any of the above two categories and runs his business as a sole proprietorship or is an independent individual.

As a BBG Gujarat Member you will be able to:

  • Quality networking opportunities with influential corporate and individual business contacts within the UK and India market
  • Open access to useful information and knowledge through social gatherings, events, seminars, lectures, workshops and trade missions
  • Develop new ideas and partnerships
  • Access BBG Gujarat’s member directory
  • Leverage Indo-British trading relations

The objectives of the Gujarat chapter are:

  • To promote businesses and individuals with socio-economic interests in Gujarat and UK
  • To help businesses and individuals build long-term profitable relationships and strategic alliances with each other
  • To provide our members with practical, measurable business expansion opportunities
  • To foster strong, mutually beneficial relationships which help each other grow our business network
  • To create a network that provides members with the opportunity to understand the Indian/UK business landscape and make quality contacts
  • To highlight the common concerns of members through events, workshops, lectures and trade missions
  • To organise and transfer key business insights for the benefit of the members

If you are a business professional or an entrepreneur and want to build relationships in the UK and India, then why not become a member? Call +91-99788 95334 and speak with Chandra Sharma. or click here to get more information about BBG-Gujarat.